Repatriation Service World Wide – Taking the UK, and specifically London, as an example.

Repatriation of a deceased person from any part of the UK can be organised completely by Ward’s Funeral Home, in Ireland, removing the need for the family in the UK having to contact a funeral director there. This makes the entire process simpler and more cost-effective.

The actual transfer of the body can be done in one of two ways:

Option 1 – Ward’s Funeral Directors oversee the entire process

Ward’s collect the deceased in the UK and accompany it home to Ireland. This option allows for one or more family members to accompany their loved all the way home.. Read more…

Option 1 – Ward's Funeral Directors oversee the entire process

The family can contact Ward's Funeral Home directly and we can organise everything. We will organise for the deceased to be removed from the place of death to a suitable place of rest where the deceased will repose until all the paperwork, necessary when moving the deceased from one country to another, is completed.

At this stage, because Ward's Funeral Home are looking after all aspects of the funeral arrangements, the family have the opportunity to choose a traditional Irish coffin or casket directly from our showroom at the funeral home, or browsing our coffin selection online.

Also, at this time, the family can decide if they would like the remains to travel by air or road. Remains travelling by road can arrive at the final place of repose back in Ireland just as quickly as remains travelling by air, given that the remains must be present at the airport well in advance of the departure time, and that it takes a minimum of one hour before the remains are received by the funeral director at the airport of arrival.

  • Remains travelling by air
  • Remains travelling by land - This gives the family, the guarantee of personal supervision of the deceased at all times during repatriation, and as less people are involved, the chance of mistakes or mishaps is negligible.

Option 2 – A UK-based funeral director looks after arrangements in the UK and Ward’s look after arrangements in Ireland

The UK-based funeral director sends the remains home, by air travel, where they are met by Ward’s, and transferred to the preferred place of repose. Read more…

Option 2 – A UK-based funeral director looks after arrangements in the UK and Ward's look after arrangements in Ireland

The family can contact their local funeral director in the UK to organise the complete UK side of the funeral and we at Ward's Funeral Home will meet the remains at the chosen airport and look after all the necessary arrangements, in Ireland, in a professional manner. This service can be provided from as little as €500.00, depending on the final arrangements, plus disbursements.

This option can be more expensive depending on the place of death within the UK and the fees you will incur with the UK funeral director. This option takes longer to organise than option 1, as more people are involved, which makes it a less personal service.

Please note that Ward's are independent funeral directors who provide a full 24 hour service, 365 days of the year, and this level of service may not be available from our UK counterparts. Also, as the UK-based funeral director takes care of preparing and presenting the deceased, it is unlikely that a tradtional Irish sytle coffin will be used.

Please note that with both options, at least one family member has to be present in the UK to register the death.